Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

by kouthap

Weary after a long week of work and a bad cold; the first sight of the ocean at Myrtle Beach was an instant mood-changer. In the off-season in September, the 15 mile beach had few tourists and locals gazing at the blue skies and feeling the ocean waves against their feet.


Lying on little beach chairs all day, feeling the warm sand under my feet, watching magical sun-sets every evening, rushing back into our hotel’s hot-tub when the temperatures dropped at night and making both silly and serious conversations with strangers; this birthday weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Great food with a touch of Southern Hospitality was just icing on the cake (look for restaurant recommendations below!)









PK recommends:

1. Aspen Grille ( : Perfect for special occasions! The fresh Carolina cuisine reflected in the menu, extensive cocktail selections (skinny cocktails with agave nectar too!) and the impeccable service makes this place a winner. The ambiance of the restaurant is fancy but not pretentious;  have a fun evening and make sure you save room for dessert!

2. JimmyZ Original Hibachi ( You know you have a winner when the place is swarming with locals and tourists as well!  JimmyZ  is a small place with a few indoor tables and cheery yellow chairs set-up outside. While I had misgivings about this little place; the high reviews were justified when we got our food. Extremely flavorful and delicious, this place has a drive-by as well to order and pick up food.

3. Wet Whistle Bar at The Hilton Myrtle Beach resort ( If you are a guest at the Hilton Myrtle Beach resort or not; this is a great place to grab a drink with unbelievable ocean views! Also recommend the Cafe Amalfi at the Hilton, while the lunch menu didn’t have us impressed; the dinner selections are delicious and the panoramic views of the ocean through large glass windows is a definite plus!