Twenty travel-facts

Greetings from sunny California! Here are few lesser-known travel related facts about me.

1. I sleep really well on airplanes.
2. I am a pretty efficient packer; I can fit three pairs of shoes in my carry-on bag.
3. I have been asked if I had a make-over after security looked at my passport photo in an airport. I wouldn’t share that picture with anyone else.
4. I prefer aisle seats over window seats for unlimited access to the restroom.
5. Dubai International airport is my favorite international airport (duty-free shopping!). Amsterdam airport Schiphol is a close second.
6. My husband and I never took a flight together for close to 5 years after we got married.
7. My house-keys are on a key-chain I bought in Costa Rica saying Pura Vida which stands for ‘ Pure Life’.
8. Hyderabad is my favorite city in the whole world. Home is where the heart is.
9. If the real-estate prices were lower, I would move to California in a heart-beat.
10. Tripadvisor is God for travel reviews. I spend an average of 10 days planning stay, restaurants and off-beat things to do on a vacation.
11. Bloomington was a town I was surprised with how much I enjoyed visiting. I still remain a loyal Boilermaker; Purdue > IU always.
12. I love driving; just not in new cities.
13. In relation to point 12, I miss being chauffeured from place to place like back home in India.
14. I prefer to read books versus a kindle during travel(or really anytime).
15. My favorite vacation was my third year anniversary trip to Puerto Rico.
16. I want Anthony Bourdain’s job.
17. Greasy Asian food is my go-to at airports.
18. I have been stuck at Miami with no bags wearing my PJs.
19. I most often tend to travel in high-heels.
20. When I was first entering the United States, the immigration official asked me to study hard and not party too much. (Too late!)